Our Business


YSG Dredging and Quarrying creates new investment opportunity for the stakeholders. It is a leading dredging company in Nigeria with a unique combination of experts and technology in dredging and quarrying, maintaining the highest safety standards and providing innovative and competitive all-round solutions to our clients.

We began operations in 1982 at Iyiowa Odakpe Atani in Ogbaru in Anambra State by the River Niger Basin. We work with experts with vast experience in hydraulic engineering, coastal protection and land reclamation. Our head office is located in Port Harcourt, River state and our quarrying site at Auchi, Edo State.

The company is a member of YSG Group, founded by the Chairman Chief (Dr) Vincent Amaechi Obianodo (MON). In 1990, the company extended its operation to River State, securing a large area of Land at Eleme. The Company installed all the machinery needed for dredging of sand by the sea basin, thereby having all the operational details fully at its disposal. With staff strength of about 150 persons, the company kicked off full scale dredging of sand for sales to Rivers and neighbouring States.

Our quarrying capacity produces between 1,500 to 2,000 tonnes of different stone aggregates ranging from hard core, 3 inches, 2 inches, 1 inches, ¾ inches, ½ inches, 1/8 inches 1/16 inches and stone Dust.


We will continue to execute and provide solutions utilizing industry best practices and equipment in order to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. Our solutions are met with the highest standards and are value driven.


To be the long–lasting partner of choice to our clients and become the industry leader for providing turn–key solutions in dredging and quarrying to our clients

Core Values

We are poised to model
Uncompromising Integrity
Professional Competence
Highest Quality Standards
Cost Effectiveness


YSG Dredging constructs and maintains shore protection structures including jetties, groins, seawalls, breakwaters, and bulkheads in order to protect the coastline and the navigable water channels that can reach down to 100 meters. Early shore protection measures included jetties and groins constructed perpendicular to the shoreline for the purpose of lessening the impacts of erosion by reducing the rate of sediment transport along vulnerable coastlines.


As an industry leader in our chosen fields, we have gone beyond the limitations of the private sector to the public sector. We ensure that the appropriate CSD & Booster is used to optimize resources as well as meet up with client project deadline. This in turn is achieved by availability of spares and parts ranging from suction/discharge pipes to all hydraulic & mechanical arts.

With our track record, we have shown that we can deliver any sand filling job, within record time.


The construction industry relies heavily on hydraulic marine sands for part of its aggregate mix in the production of concrete. Sand grain of different sizes and composition are required by builders and contractors to execute their projects.

CHANNEL CLEARING As part of our dredging services, we also specialized in canalization with new fields of tasks which include deepening, widening and maintenance of harbors and waterways, dredging access channels, sand wave removal and reduction of canalization blockage. Canalization requires absolute precision and for this reason, our operations are carried out with high precision and the very highest standards of safety, quality and environmental care.


Our expertise in this field includes:

• Design, specification and supervision of dredging and reclamation works
• Dredging methods and equipment
• Navigation studies and maritime risk assessment
• Numerical hydrodynamic and sediment transport modelling
• Siltation studies
• Extraction of sands and gravels
• Reclamation design
• Ground treatment and monitoring instrumentation
• Bunds and revetments
• Environmental impact studies
• Contaminated sediments and spoil disposal studies.


We have invested heavily in our staff and strategic alliances. These alliances are bonded by a single focus, to develop skills & offer superior services to our clients within industry standard. With a staff strength of 150 persons headed by the General Manager, we are well positioned to deliver quality product and services in dredging and quarry.


We employ diverse, experienced management executives and consultants who understand the industry of our clients, related industry issues, and have an in–depth understanding of business applications.


Our clients recognize our first class professional mode of operation & safety measures applied in ensuring that we don’t end up causing erosion instead of protecting the shorelines.


We invested heavily in procurement of world class dredging and quarry equipment for secured shoreline protection. By the year 2010, the company secured a large granite stone deposit site at Uluoke in Etsako West, Edo State. Having erected two giant crushing Machine for operatives wide apart from block, the mechanics section, gasoline filling station and security blocks both at the Gate and other strategic position at the site, way bridge and control block.

The company has 3 pale loader tractor machines, 3 Agama Dumpers that could contain sand of up to 30 tonnes in a trip. We also have 2 high power pumping machines. With these, the company was able to operate in Anambra, Edo and River States.

What we offer?

Our overall aim is to ensure a consistent approach to management training towards efficiency in the work environment with emphasis on observing the highest level of safety protocols.

We at YSG Groups, recognizes the need to develop procedures and standards for operations, hence our consistent databases and records are key to our performance.

We are proud to work with a team of well trained and dedicated professionals with vast wealth of experience from international organizations and institutions. The cross fertilization of ideas of people with requisite competencies enables us to bring a combination of experience and regional connection to each project. We ensure that recruitment and management of man power and support staffs are of the highest standards.
At YSG Groups, we believe in the highest level of operational safety procedures as enshrined in the rules governing the industry. We ensure an accident free organization, conforming with global best practices. We endavour to set a standard of performance and further maintain health, safety and environmental policies expected in the industry. This include but not limited to management of security, management of compliance with terminal protocols and management and implementation of health and environment policies.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    To sustainably deliver profitable, diversified energy solutions through operational excellence, skilled workforce and effective partnerships.
  • Our Vision

    To be an outstanding indigenous Oil and Gas company delivering premium value to all stakeholders and customers
  • Our Core Value

    Integrity:- We uphold high standards of integrity in all our operations and transactions.

    Customer Centricity:- We develop relationships that add positive values to our customers.

    Team Work:- We work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers.

    Safety:- We ensure that global best practice is maintained to ensure safety at all times.