Our Business


YSG PROPERTIES LIMITED is a company registered with corporate affairs commission in 2004. We are primarily a real estate company engaged in property development and investment. Our interests cut across residential and commercial properties. We also provide real estate advisory services; delivering high level solutions in areas of development conception, design and build, appraisal and monitoring among others. Our ultimate goal is to deliver superior value to our chosen markets.

Our vision

To become a global brand in real estate, achieving the highest possible standard in the market through the provision of preferred properties for residence and commercial clients.

Our Mission

To make property transaction in real estate as cost effective as possible, maintain the highest level of service, providing accurate and up to date information, skill analysis and sound advice.

Core Value

Commitment to Relationships
Innovative consciousness

What We Do


We are basically an estate development company, engaged in acquisition of virgin sites for new development; existing properties for redevelopment; and rehabilitation of dated properties to meet current functional needs and trends. When undertaking residential development schemes, we build quality homes with great attention to functionality, space flow efficiency, structural stability, façade and finishing details. Our homes range from single unit to multi-units development. In our commercial developments, whether office, retail or leisure, we distill our understanding of the functional and complimentary needs of the users into the scheme concept, design and finishing. Our aim, in both development undertakings, is to deliver products with strong features of functionality, quality, value and sustainability. Our development products have continued to enjoy patronage of our chosen markets, whether they are for sale, lease or rent.


Real estate is a complex venture requiring multi-disciplinary skills, knowledge and demonstrated experience. Underestimating this complexity has, time and time again, resulted in financial losses, unrealized dreams and in some cases, total ruin among other unpleasant consequences. Real estate investors, financers, promoters, users, and other players can have their positions significantly enhanced for success in real estate ventures by leveraging our advisory services. We can work with you on your real estate initiatives. We have the pedigree to do this, as we have people with deep knowledge, skills and extensive experience in various areas of real estate. We can help in Development Conception, Design & Build, Development/Investment Appraisal, Rehabilitation, Structuring Real Estate Ventures & Deals, and Policies & Processes’ Designs The company renders consultancy services such as facility management, real estate consultancy, valuation of estates and provides rural/urban private housing.


A market is simply a place where people exchange their goods and services for money. A geographical space that facilitates trade and enable the distribution and allocation of resources in a society. Market connotes an authorized public concourse of buyers and sellers of commodities meeting at a place more or less strictly limited.

The need for well-built facilities for this purpose has become expedient due to the fact that commercial activities are the back-bone of several economies. This has necessitated our Rural/Urban Market project, the vision behind YSG Shopping Plaza, an emporium situated on the shores of the River Niger within the Main Market in Onitsha, Anambra State.

YSG Shopping Plaza has over 5,000 lock up shops, 260 warehouses in use by traders. It also houses four purpose built bank buildings which are currently occupied by Ecobank, Fidelity Bank, Unity Bank and a Fast Food Restaurant. The company has changed the face of business in the Onitsha main market. Transactions in excess of 500m dollars is generated annually as a result of our presence in the biggest market in West Africa. The company has several projects both developed and undeveloped in various states in Nigeria which include Lagos, Anambra, Imo and Abuja .

What we offer?

Our overall aim is to ensure a consistent approach to management training towards efficiency in the work environment with emphasis on observing the highest level of safety protocols.

We at YSG Groups, recognizes the need to develop procedures and standards for operations, hence our consistent databases and records are key to our performance.

We are proud to work with a team of well trained and dedicated professionals with vast wealth of experience from international organizations and institutions. The cross fertilization of ideas of people with requisite competencies enables us to bring a combination of experience and regional connection to each project. We ensure that recruitment and management of man power and support staffs are of the highest standards.
At YSG Groups, we believe in the highest level of operational safety procedures as enshrined in the rules governing the industry. We ensure an accident free organization, conforming with global best practices. We endavour to set a standard of performance and further maintain health, safety and environmental policies expected in the industry. This include but not limited to management of security, management of compliance with terminal protocols and management and implementation of health and environment policies.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    To sustainably deliver profitable, diversified energy solutions through operational excellence, skilled workforce and effective partnerships.
  • Our Vision

    To be an outstanding indigenous Oil and Gas company delivering premium value to all stakeholders and customers
  • Our Core Value

    Integrity:- We uphold high standards of integrity in all our operations and transactions.

    Customer Centricity:- We develop relationships that add positive values to our customers.

    Team Work:- We work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers.

    Safety:- We ensure that global best practice is maintained to ensure safety at all times.